They are five ordinary people between the ages of 7 and 70 who chose to engage with the world in their own way. By helping to meet the fundamental needs of others, each has filled their own hunger for fulfillment and purpose in the world in a way material reward could never do.

Charlie Simpson
Supporting UNICEF UK’s work in Haiti


When a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, Charlie Simpson, a seven-year-old boy from London was deeply moved and insisted to his parents that he must do something to help. In response, the Simpsons went into high gear and helped Charlie do something absolutely amazing in support of the work of UNICEF UK in Haiti.

Josh Nesbit
Texting for Global Health


The summer after being an intern in a small clinic in Malawi, Josh returned with 100 recycled cell phones and taught an army of health volunteers how to use texting technology to communicate in a land without phones and roads, saving hours of travel time and thousands of lives. Learn more about Josh’s organization Mobile Medic, and its sister non-profit, Hope Phones.

Lisa Shannon
Advocating for Women’s Rights in Congo


Lisa Shannon was the first national grassroots activist in the US working to raise awareness of the forgotten humanitarian crisis in DR Congo. Since Lisa’s lone 30 mile trail run in 2005, thousands have joined Run for Congo Women, now an international movement which has sponsored more than 1400 war-affected Congolese women through Women for Women International.

Ingrid Munro
Providing a Ladder Out of Poverty in Kenya


Jamil Bora is the largest micro-finance institution in Kenya, serving over 170,000 members since its inception in 1999.

“One cannot lift a person out of poverty. What we offer … is access to a ladder that they can climb up to take themselves out of poverty. But the climbing they must do themselves.” —Ingrid Munro

Gloria Henderson
Ending Hunger in America


Gloria has organized gleaning efforts in North Carolina for 10 years with the Society of St. Andrew.

On being profiled in the film, Gloria says, “I hope it help(s) make other people aware of the hunger that’s in America, and maybe it will inspire someone who’s not involved to get involved.”